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Jacqueline Patten of Whats Afoot

reviews Both Shine as One by Ron Taylor & Jeff Gillett

Prior to forming a duo Ron Taylor and Jeff Gillett had performed with Regal Slip and The Downfielders, respectively, so it is little wonder that they perform together to such a high standard. Ron has a fine tenor voice that lends itself to the traditional English style to which he aspires, to tell the story, while Jeff Gillett plays a selection of stringed instruments and English concertina in a sympathetic and understated manner; he also sings harmonies.

The sleeve notes explain that when they select and arrange songs, the song comes first, the singer comes second and the accompaniment last. This process is apparent throughout. There are 13 tracks and every one tells a story: eleven of them are traditional; the other two were written as poems to which a tune has been added. On occasion Ron has added a verse. Three of the songs come from the Sharp canon, two are Child ballads, one came from Peter Kennedy while the others are drawn from a variety of sources.

It is hard to select a few tracks to mention as the CD is very much a whole entity: that is one of the many talents of Ron Taylor and Jeff Gillett. If your taste is for fine songs, sung in a traditional English style, to a high standard, then this CD will give endless pleasure. Once again WildGoose have produced an outstanding album.