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Paul Burgess of The Living Tradition

reviews Both Shine as One by Ron Taylor & Jeff Gillett

Well this is fairly easy - one of the finest singers you can currently hear "on the scene", with one of the finest accompanists partnering him.

With a voice like Ron Taylor's, it's astonishing that there have not been a string of successful CDs from him over the last thirty years; as it is we have only had his contribution on the Songwainers" LP (about time that was re-issued, surely, anyone know who owns the Argo rights?); the excellent Regal Slip line-up and two tapes on Dave Howard's Redwood label - but the last of those was eleven years ago.

Listen to the second track 'Seven Yellow Gypsies' - I would be amazed if you could find anyone, anywhere who could sing it better that this. There is a nice choice of material, a couple of gripping ballads, with some classic English songs as well as a few more unusual items to spice the mix.

All of these are accompanied by Jeff Gillett whose inspired accompaniments display complete empathy with the song - here embroidering a phrase, there pointing up the rhythmic drive. As well as some stunning guitar work, he also uses mandola, mandolin, Appalachian dulcimer and a spot of concertina, which means the CD has quite a nice range of changes in the tonal palette. I should have perhaps liked another quicker number of two - but that just for the selfish reason that no-one does it better than these two.

Buy it and enjoy!