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Sean McGhee of RocknReel

reviews Both Shine as One by Ron Taylor & Jeff Gillett


Ron Taylor and Jeff Gillett area folk duo based in Gloucestershire with a considerable pedigree within the UK folk scene. With two previous albums available only on cassette, Both Shine As One is their first venture into the world of CD. Taylor handles vocals, displaying a penchant for colourful phrasing that occasionally brings to mind Peter Bellamy. Gillett is a subtle, yet sympathetic player with guitar, mandola, mandolin, concertina and dulcimer adding much flesh to the solid bones of Taylor's delivery. Full marks for a rounded collection of traditional songs - 'Seven Little Gypsies', 'Adieu,John Barleycorn', 'Green Bushes', 'Edward', 'Thomas The Rhymer', John Barleycorn' amongst them that continue to surprise thanks to the duo's original take on the popularised versions.