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Phil Cross of Folk Mag

reviews Blood & Honey by The Devil's Interval

The Devil's Interval are:- Lauren McCormick, Emily Portman and Jim Causley.
We booked Emily and Luren a short while ago at the Black Diamond and were
treated to a great night by two youngsters who are carrying the tradition
forward to the next generation. The addition of Jim Causley, another
talented singer and musician, who has been associated with the Wren
Foundation, has created a trio that, I think, will be sought after to appear
at festivals and clubs.

'Blood and Honey' consists of 13 tracks of mainly traditional songs which
have been arranged by Lauren, Emily and Jim. There is also one track with
traditional words set to a new melody written by Emily and A May Carol was
written by Lauren. There are some great harmonies and the CD is very easy to
listen to. I was particularly interested to hear the Bonfire Carol which has
(at last) been collected from John Swift. I remember John singing this song
back in the seventies at the Old Crown Folk Club in Birmingham, but he would
never give anyone the words. It is really difficult to select any of the
tracks for particular mention as they are all great interpretations of
songs, but I did enjoy listening to their version of Long Lankin .

I have only one criricism of the CD. In my opinion, it needs one or two more
'up tempo' tracks to balance it more, but that is just a minor criticism.On
the whole, a great CD from three youngsters who will take folk music safely
forward into the future and whom I would very much like to see live as soon
as possible.