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Roy Harris of Taplas

reviews BitterSweet by Bob & Gill Berry

The Berry's are at the hub of so much folk activity in Wiltshire it's a wonder they found time to make this album. Luckily, they did, and they give us a feast of song, performed with confidence and commitment, an obvious labour of love.

They open with John Prosser's stirring 'England's Glory', the story of a group of female workers fighting for their rights at the back end of the 19th century. It gets a suitable workout from Gill Berry's strong, warm, voice. .  Bob's voice shares the same qualities, in Chris Leslie's ritualistic sounding 'Winter Man'.  There are a fair number of recently written songs on the album as well as things from tradition, showing that the Berry's have ears for a song that is good regardless of provenance.  A pleasing album from two singers who are part of the backbone of our folk revival.