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Roy Harris of Taplas

reviews Ghosts & Greasepaint by Barry Lister

I could almost review this album without listening to it!  I have known Barry Lister and heard him sing over many years, as a stalwart of the folk scene in the West Country, former resident of the famed Jolly Porter Folk club, Exeter, and a regular presence at Sidmouth festival.  

For my money all he had to do was sing up to his usual standard and a worthwhile album would be the result.  He did. And it is.   Anyone who values the traditional ballads sung with storytelling skill, in a voice of resonant sweetness, will be delighted with this. .

'Long Lankin', and 'Young Edwin' breathe again with the Lister treatment, and 'Admiral Benbow' springs a surprise by being the rousing version done by the Songwainers years ago. Well done Barry and Wildgoose too.