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Paul Burgess of Shreds & Patches

reviews Songs from the Derbyshire Coast by Keith Kendrick

The strong, clear voice of Keith Kendrick always ensures an enjoyable evening at a Club: but just because he can be described as reliable, doesn't mean that his music is unexciting. This CD demonstrates this as well as being an eminently listenable representation of his art: stirring shanties, spirituals and sea songs benefit immensely from his powerful delivery. But he shows he can handle a more introspective song (such as Once I Courted A Damsel) along with the best of them. His accompaniments on the concertina are beautifully judged and his playing of the dance tunes on the instrument is pretty nifty as well. This is a varied and well-constructed album and although there are a number of supporting musicians (in addition to harmony and chorus singers) they all help to add to the performances, rather than swamping them and increase the tonal range of this excellent album.