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Colin Andrews of Whats Afoot

reviews Beer and Black Pudding by Dave Bordewey & Dave Young

Beer and Black Padding is a delightful album from two performers I had not come across before. Dave Bordewey provides the vocals, and the fiddle, guitar, mandola & percussion, and his credentials extend back to folk club at university, residencies at Cecil Sharp House and Camden Town folk clubs and with the 1980s band, Crows. Dave Young, on melodeon and anglo concertina, started dancing with Cup Hill Moms Men while still in his teens, played with several barn dance bands in the South?East, before moving to Worcestershire in 2000.
Only three songs are featured; The White Hare, Just As The Tide Was Flowing (from Marrow Bones) always a great song, and He Called For A Candle, the haunting tune well suited to Daves voice. The main focus of the album, therefore, is the instrumentals, which have a strong Morris repesentation, including the Adderbury Happy Man, an attractive tune which they more than do justice to, even though difficult to play (even mare to dance properly!). The combination of strings and squeeze is used very effectively, with some interesting arrangements of both traditional and contemporary tunes. Some surprising things happen on the concertina with the title tune, Beer Black Pudding ? Ill leave you to judge whether Dave Young had overindulged in both before writing it !