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Vic Smith of The Folk Diary

reviews Blood & Honey by The Devil's Interval

Lauren, Emily and Jim celebrate their graduation from Newcastle University's
Traditional Music course with this delightful album. Their album of harmony
singing of traditional songs must be the finest debut to be released in
recent years. Some of the material is already well-known such as "Long
Lankin", "The Leaves of Life" and "Silver Dagger" but they bring a freshness and enthusiasm to everything that they do. They have clearly listened well to the revival's top performers and clearly have been encouraged by them to go back and listen to source singers. The influence is here in the singing of "The Cuckoo" from Caroline Hughes and "Well Below The Valley" from John Riley.

They do use their instruments - accordion, flute and concertina - sparingly but very effectively, but mostly we are left listening to the way they relish singing together unaccompanied.