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Chris (Yorkie) Bartram of Shreds and Patches

reviews Beer and Black Pudding by Dave Bordewey & Dave Young

Another excellent CD from the WildGoose Studios. And, as usual, you can find much more information and a full tracklist on the website.

These two have been involved in folk music for many years but, I must confess, I didnt recognize either name. However, having heard this CD, I shall definitely watch out for them in future!

Dave Bordewey was in a group with Tim Laycock at one time and then a `resident at various folk clubs in London and in the band Crows throughout the 1980s. Dave Young was a dancer with Cup Hill Morris and then as melodeon and concertina?player for Morris and barn?dancing in the South?East of England. They both now live in the Hereford/Worcester area and started playing as a duo in 2000 according to the very helpful sleevenotes or 2004 according to the website. Well, you cant get everything right. What matters is the quality of the playing and, as we have come to expect from WildGoose, the excellent recording quality.

Right from the rollicking opening track, Happy Man/Banbury Hill/Glorishears these two show their mettle. Their experience is evident in the bounce of every note. Genuine, foot?lifting stuff. Although Im less impressed by the singing of Dave Bordewey than his instrumental playing, the occasional song makes a pleasant contribution to the overall value of this very enjoyable CD.