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Roger Tyler of The folk mag

reviews Songs from Yorkshire & Other Civilisations by Graham Metcalfe

My first impression is of a rich, mellow voice singing folk songs as perhaps
they were always meant to be - sung well by an ordinary man in the way he
wants to sing them. The style is true Yorkshire and typical of Graham. Grace
notes come naturally without pretence or affectation so that you hardly
notice them. Variety is supplied by the wisely-chosen pair who provide the
excellent harmonies. Both Moira Craig and Ian Giles have the quality of
voice to draw attention away from the lead and it is much to their credit
that they do not.

I dont think that this is a commercial give us a booking attempt. Neither
is it, as far as I can see, Graham showing off how brilliant he is (although
those who know of his harmony singing in combination with Ian Giles and
others will appreciate that he would be justified in so doing). That being
the case, this succeeds well in that the content does indeed reflect the
offerings that we have come to expect of the hairy bloke who leans
inconspicuously on the bar smoking and then wakes us up when he is called
upon to sing.

The selection is good, ranging from standards such as Rose of Allandale,
Sweet Primroses and The Dalesmans Litany to some interesting variants of
Scarborough Sands and The Trees They Do Grow High. My favourite? Faithful
Johnny - the song I most wanted to sing along with as I listened to the CD.

Doug Bailey should be mentioned. The recording and balance are impeccable as
always and you can rely on the fact that any mistakes will not be his when
you record at Wild Goose.

Heres a track from the album