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Des Redwood of The folk mag - online

reviews 8 More Miles by Rattle on the Stovepipe

When I was asked to review this CD, I was not expecting to be writing a very
positive report. I’ve never really enjoyed ‘hoedown’ music so it was with
some trepidation that I placed the CD into the tray and pressed ‘Play’.
First time through - still not convinced, especially after the barking dog
noises on the first track - barking mad I thought! But I persevered as there
were some tracks I wanted to compare with other versions I know. So I placed
it in the car’s CD player and set it to the ‘Repeat CD’ mode. I have to say
I’m glad I did because on the third run through I found myself foot-tapping
away and beginning to be hooked.
Rattle on the Stovepipe consists of Dave Arthur (banjo, guitar & melodeon),
Pete Cooper (fiddle, viola) & Chris Morton (guitar, mandolin) with all three
providing vocals. They follow the Virginian/Appalachian style perfectly,
often with gentle swing and rhythm to engage your senses. What do you get
for your money? 13 tracks ranging from just under 2 minutes for the opening
track entitled Tennessee Mountain Fox-Chase to 8½ minutes of Willie’s Ghost.
Instrumentals mix with songs. Among my favourites were Father, Father, Build
Me a Boat which flows along so sweetly (just how many more versions are
there of this old favourite, I wonder?) and Fred Pidgeon’s No. 1/Jenny Lind
Polka -a really jolly pair of tunes. Other tracks to savour include The
Boatman/Cuffy, Nancy/Nancy Clough and a very melodic title track called
Eight More Miles To Louisville, which reminded me a little of The Travelling
I like reading song notes and this CD does not disappoint, beng accompanied
by a very comprehensive booklet with lots of interesting material and
backgrounds to each track.
So have I changed my mind? Definitely! I’ve found that I really do like this
CD and it will be played quite a bit from now on. Do I recommend it? Yes -
if you like a CD that bounces along merrily taken along by a trio of gifted
musicians, then look out for it. You will get your money’s worth without
doubt, I believe.