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Nick Passmore of Taplas

reviews 8 More Miles by Rattle on the Stovepipe

Shirley Collins MBE is one of their biggest fans, apparently, and she knows a thing or two about American old timey music. Dave Arthur, Pete Cooper and Chris Moreton, now known as Rattle on the Stovepipe, continue to explore the connection between English and Appalachian songs and tunes on this, their second Wild Goose album.
Particularly enjoyable is the pairing of the English country dance tune The New Rigged Ship with its transatlantic cousin Green Willis and Tom Cloughs Northumbrian pipe tune Nancy Clough with its Appalachian claw﷓hammer banjo derivative Nancy.
Arthurs relaxed singing of The Light ragoon and Willies Ghost creates a pleasing contrast, while guitarist Moreton shines on Over the Waterfall and takes lead vocals on Bill Monroes Footsteps in the Snow, while fiddler Cooper shines throughout, taking lead vocals on The Lakes of Ponchartrain.

Mention must be made of Dave Arthurs amazingly comprehensive sleeve notes, which track each song and tune in extraordinary detail.