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Boz Boswell of Taplas

reviews Mr. Kynaston's Famous Dance Vol 1&2 by Belshazzar's Feast

On this superb CD, the two Pauls (Hut....) lay on a generous feast of tunes
taken from some rarely heard early 18th century dance collections. All are
played to dance length and tempo, allowing the duo ample room to get their
teeth into them and bring out their full beauty with gusto. Their rich,
finely wrought arrangements sparkle with energy and passion, producing a big
warm irresistible sound.
Every track is a gem, but the highlights are Orange Nan, a gorgeous tune,
which I intend to set about learning as soon as I finish writing this
review, Whiskers, an intriguing little morsel played with a light, almost
playful touch, and Fops Fancy, a rather more involved three part 3/2
hornpipe with some delicious textures, employing some inspired overdubbing
of a third instrument.