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Nick Beale of Folk Roots (fRoots)

reviews Mr. Kynaston's Famous Dance Vol 1&2 by Belshazzar's Feast

Paul Hutchinson (accordian) and Paul Sartin (oboe/violin) play a selection of tunes from the Nathaniel Kynaston collection and the Beggars Opera, so welcome to the 18th century. Hardly suprising then that were not that far from baroque music at times, an impression underscored by the seemingly effortless intricacy of the music. Everything is played throught the right number of times for the associated dances (meaning a couple of tracks exceed seven minutes), the liner contains some basic instructions and Andrew Shaw has brought out a companion manual, apparently. That said, theres more than enough going on within the music to make it all work as a very satisfying listen in its own right.