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Peter Fairbairn of Living Tradition

reviews The Widow's Promise by Mick Ryan & Pete Harris

Terra Nova have been releasing a selection of back catalogue material of various styles as samplers of whats available from what is regularly categorised as world music. Presumably Mick Ryan and Pete Harris have been included to reflect current standards of whats happening in the English corner of this musical world. Would that it were. Recordings this good are few and far between.

This CD has two first class performers in good fettle and a couple of handfuls of well chosen songs, complete with arrangements which would pass muster in any company.

Mick Ryan has long been known as a particularly fine singer and is now gaining more recognition as a songwriter. Pete Harris is a multi?instrumentalist, mostly of the string and plectrum variety, as well as being a capable and commanding singer. The songs have been selected from two of their earlier albums, Another Place, Another Tim& and Drink up the Sun. The songs include Bonny Light Horseman, Salisbury Plain, Adieu, Adieu and some of Mick Ryans own songs, The Widows Promise and Love is Life.