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Rod Penlington of Folkwrite

reviews Selkie by Selkie

Right from the first track, professionalism and quality are the hallmark. If you want a superb collection of traditional and contemporary Scottish and Irish ballads then this compilation is as good as any you will get.

Lis Thompson and Hector Gilchrist are a delightfully melodic duo whose delivery and presentation is very positive while being at the same time gentle and sensitive. Hector has an impressively powerful, rich voice that is equally at ease in the quietest of passages (very reminiscent of Tommy Makem in duality? only with a Scottish accent). Lis also has a strong vocal style that is warm and melodic with lovely lilting tones. This perfectly matches Hector, complementing his bold style. All tracks are accompanied by a good selection of instruments from Guitar, Fiddle, Cittern, Mandolin Bass and Whistles; played by Hector (guitar) and a fine group of backing musicians on the other instruments.

Silkie being the duos name is also the song on track 12 (which I know as the Great Silkie of Skule Skerrie the well known Scottish ballad of supernatural seduction. This is a beautifully presented collection of songs which are well sung and played and is ideal for relaxed listening and pure enjoyment. To be recommended.