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Sue Swift of EDS

reviews Beer and Black Pudding by Dave Bordewey & Dave Young

The encouragement of performance in traditional music rather than the hard graft of annual exams as in classical music, has nurtured artists with excellent folk music skills and enough enthusiasm to last a lifetime.
Dave Bordewey and Dave Young are performers who have been immersed in the traditional music and folk scene community over a long period. As well as providing pleasure and entertainment for others, they have almost certainly gained as much themselves. This CD says just that.
Eight morris dance tunes are interspersed with self?penned tunes and a smattering of Irish, Scotland and French tunes ? a typical English folk musicians repertoire in fact. Three traditional English songs feature Dave Bordeweys lovely voice and blend well with the subtle instrumental harmonies. My favourite tunes were interspersed in sets ?The Shirt of Life, the first Pete Coe tune and The 0Mally Blackwells of Ross. I also particularly enjoyed Waiting for the TGV’ and the morris tune Idbury Hill.
It is an easy listening collection which, unusually, features the stronger tracks in the middle of the CD. There are no fast punches, nothing to shock or startle, just good music that is nice to listen to and played well.
I found myself unable to resist thinking that they have the skills to do more. A few less well known tunes and songs and innovative arrangements could make the tunes and songs ring out and grab you by the throat. Not the style of these performers perhaps, but maybe worth consideration for the future.