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JPB of Folk on Tap

reviews The Lea Rig by Hector Gilchrist & Liz Thomson

The Robert Burns celebrations continue unabated with this excellent sampler of the Great Mans unrivalled songs.  We have praised Gilchrist and Thomson in these pages before now, and this fine album consolidates the impression we have had from their earlier work.  Augmenting their work on this present album is Bill Eddie who, had he so wished and desired sufficiently, could have been one of the most recorded fiddle-players in Britain.  WildGoose have done well to get him for ‘The Lea Rig, and a great contribution he makes.  So - an excellent production all round.  AND its nice to hear BurnsOde to Autumn(or Westlin Winds as it is called here, and by which name it is better known in Ireland than it is in Scotland - a nice irony which would have pleased Burns).