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Derek Gifford of Folk Northwest

reviews A Kind & Gentle Nature by Ian Bruce

`A Kind and Gentle Nature illustrates clearly the progression that Ian has made over the years and is definitely, on his own admission, a 60s and 70s influenced album. On this one he is ably accompanied by Paul Sartin on oboe and violin and Paul Hutchinson on accordion. However, I didnt enjoy this CD as much as the previous one but then that has more to do with my personal taste because I can assure you that the quality of writing, both lyrically and musically, is at least as good as his earlier work. Perhaps my reservations are because Ian has, I think, moved further from the folk idiom in the later album. Even so there are some tracks which I found particularly appealing including `Lonely Old Lady and `The Mind of a Child. Ians self parody in `Im Up There With `Em is another good song and a fitting finale to the album. Essential additions to all Ian Bruce fans and worth a listen to those who like their folk in a contemporary style.