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JPB of Folk on Tap

reviews From the Vale by Chris Bartram & Keith Holloway

Not just music and songs, but philosophical verses, too, all delivered by an energetic duo whose friends have come along to add their two-pence worth. It is no criticism to say that this is one of those able local interest albums, performed by good local musicians who are without doubt the life and soul of their regional folk clubs and village halls.

As such, the album will have few national ambitions, and it is in excellent company, for there is a wealth of fine projects in this minor key adorning the folk club scene of this country, and a valuable asset
they are. They capture and preserve a priceless part of the social fabric of the country in a way that national albums do not. WildGoose has, as always, done its artists proud with an excellent, crisp
recording which deserves repeated playing. The squeezeboxes and various stringed instruments, and the vocals, are all vividly captured, and the music itself is a treasure-trove.