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of Dirty Linen

reviews The Amber Triangle by Ian Giles

Ian Giles is well known around his native Oxford, England, as a traditional singer, folk club organizer, and member of the band Magpie Lane, but his work hasnt been released in North America.  Thus this disc was a pleasant discovery, combining a talented and unpretentious vocalist, a well-chosen collection of British traditional songs, and a first-rate crew of backup musicians that includes Steve Tilston on guitar, Chris Leslie on fiddle, and Nancy and Sandra Kerr on harmonies.  Just about every track invites you to sing along on the choruses.  Among them are a couple robust sea chanties, John Cherokee and Admiral Cole, some simple but affectionate arrangements of familiar songs, like Broom of the Cowdenknowes and Polly on the Shore, and a few fancier takes, like a Renaissance adaptation of Radcliffe Highway and a mandolin driven Yarmouth Town. (TN)