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reviews Dance in the Shadow by Benji Kirkpatrick

Well, if ever you needed an album where one musician overdubs numerous instruments (aided by a bodrahn player (Bod ? as it says here) and a oboist (Paul Sartin) look no further. How a bloke wot looks to be no older than twelve can be so good is beyond me. He still needs to develop his own vocal style but basically hes an instrumentalist I believe; at the moment hes merely triff but who knows what a few more hours experience may bring ... !

Theres mainly a mixture of trad arr B. Kirkpatrick and pieces hes written, and a touch of wry humour in the sleeve notes indicates he doesnt take himself too seriously. I know there are loads of folkies who love repetitive dancy pieces to death (Im not one of them) so they should get a kick out of the examples on this album. Some tracks are better than others (Curragh of Kildare is dire, Ridgewalkers is triff) and overall this is a sampler of a great technical talent which is surely going to grow.