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Mick Tems of Taplas

reviews Fine Colours by Tim Laycock

DOUG Baileys fine label is turning out some impressive stuff. Tim is one of Britains most captivating performers and between them theyve crafted a CD that will certainly earn a place on the favourites shelf of many an admirer.

Tim has a natural affinity with his material, an understanding of his repertoire, which brings both old and new songs to life without any gimmicks. If youve ever seen him with The New Scorpion Band, youll know what an excellent bunch of musicians they are and its a bonus to have them filling out the instrumental lines.

Theres some lovely stuff here. Ive never heard a better version of The Horseman, while Tims writing skills are highlighted by Stormalong and Comfrey. Robin Hood and the Bishop of Hereford is a particularly wacky ballad, collected in Dorset 93 years ago from a man who had learned it 60 years before. When Tim sings a song, you feel as though you can reach out and touch it as if it were yesterday.