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of Shreds and Patches

reviews Fine Colours by Tim Laycock

Its hard to imagine a folk scene without Tim Laycock. He seems to have always been there. Yet he always seems to be best remembered as the person who worked with ...Magic Lantern, Bill Caddick and Fete Bond, Taffy Thomas etc. etc.
This recording sees him working with his colleagues from The New Scorpion Band including Colin Thompson whose fiddle and viola underpin Tims duet concertina and melodeon very nicely. The whole recording has a very gentle feel to it, very reminiscent of Victorian and Edwardian parlour ballads. Hardly surprising, given that thats the era from when some of the material (Jack Robinson, Billy Johnsons Ball and the very whistleable Village Club Waltz) dates. The tune sets are light and bouncy, and Tims duet playing is as ever, exemplary. We have the obligatory Lets make the concertina sound like a peal of bells song, and this is one of the best Ive heard. Favourite track in the Parkes household is also the most unlikely. The half sung, half spoken Comfrey (based on a legend from Thame, near Towersey) has a melody that stays in your head for days. Ive just run the spellchecker over this review, and in one of those strange quirks of fate that happen, it suggested `layback for Laycock.

Thats the whole keynote of this recording ...laid?back. I think this is due to the sequencing of the tracks ... played on a posh CD player with random play facility it sounds totally different. Still, as my granny used to say as we regularly argued over Sunday tea and Sing Something Simple It doesnt all have to be crash, bang, wallop you know.