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I.E. of Dirty Linen

reviews Fine Colours by Tim Laycock

Tim Laycock is a British folksinger, songwriter, actor and renowned duet concertina player who has worked with groups such as the Kipper Family and the Albion Band. On this release, he accompanies himself on a number of instruments (including the concertina, hardy gurdy, and melodeon), and is assisted by five of his fellow travellers in the New Scorpion Band. The 13 tracks range from traditional songs (mostly of the West Country and East Anglia) collected from long?gone British singers (Robin Hood and the Bishop of Hereford), old music hall songs (Jack Robinson), English country dance tunes (Shrewsbury Lasses/Over the Hills to Glory) and original pieces (Stormalong). One of the standouts of the release is the fine opening track, The Horseman, a traditional piece about the passion of the dedicated horse owner. Throughout, the songs reflect the values of an earlier time.