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of Whats Afoot

reviews Where Umber Flows by Tom & Barbara Brown

Ive always rated Tom & Barbara Brown highly as singers, but have only heard them do a few songs during an evening, never as guests, and little over the last few years, as they have only recently moved back to North Devon. This CD, therefore, came as something of a surprise, and an absolutely delightful one at that
The album, with a definite West Country bias, is a superb selection of songs which do justice to their versatility, from the comic Mortal Unlucky Old Chap to the sympathetic and, I must say, emotionally moving, rendition of Jordan. Id hitherto regarded the ballad The Flying Cloud as rather over?long and tedious, but Toms version is compelling listening. Its quite unusual to declare that I enjoyed every track on an album, but this is genuinely the case here. There are a couple of instrumentals and Tom & Barbara are well supported by an impressive lice?up of well?known singers and musicians (too many to name in a short review!) on choruses and accompaniments.