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Chris Mills of Shire Folk

reviews Straight from the Fingers by The Bursledon Village Band

This is an album of dance tunes, polkas, jigs, waltzes, scottisches, plus a set of French Canadian reels. It includes versions of the Walter Bulwer polkas and other well known tunes, such as Galopede and Blue Eyed Stranger. The line up is melodeon, fiddle, keyboard, concertina and percussion The music is neatly and rhythmically played and the beat is clear and good to dance to. The Rose Waltz features some nicely arranged fiddle. If you love English dance music and yearn to feel the bounce and jostle of those packed Saturday night dances as you drive to work or cook the dinner mid?week, if you attend or run a dance club, if you attend English music sessions, or if you are looking to increase your folk dance repertoire then this is for you.