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IE of Dirty Linen

reviews Straight from the Fingers by The Bursledon Village Band

The Bursledon Village Band, a six?piece dance band from southern England, was formed well over 20 years ago with a stated devotion to playing music for dancers. The group has performed widely in the Southampton region and on the festival circuit throughout Britain. This CD, part of a dance series released by Wild Goose Records, shows how strong emphasis on the rhythm and the occasional inclusion of the tuba both help to give the band that English oom?pah country dance sound. The tunes offer melodeon?led jigs, polkas, waltzes, hornpipes, and schottisches, most of which are from England, though a few are from Scotland (such as The Muckin O Geordies Byre) and Ireland (The Kerry Polka) and from Quebec (Reel des Accordeonistes). Other instruments include fiddle, concertina, keyboards, and percussion. The tunes are played with lift, designed to give the dancers the energy to make it through the set, as on the polka set of Walter Bulwers No. 1/The Blue Eyed Stranger and the two schottisches, Some Say the Devils Dead/Hunting the Hare. As one dancer noted about this music, It goes in the ears and comes out at the
feet. Well said.