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PHu of Folk on Tap

reviews John Playford's Secret Ball by Belshazzar's Feast

Belshazzars Feast have hit the nail on the head with this CD which too is a celebration of Playfords original tome. Here the four musicians, Paul Hutchinson, Paul Sartin, Robert Harbron and William Balkwill have combined to great effect, producing an album that Im sure would have had Playford himself dancing with delight. They have taken most of their tunes from the original 1651 edition but have included a few others too from later volumes. Some may be familiar, all are eminently listenable and may even be danceable (the band themselves express doubt about the latter). One thing is for certain the combination of fiddle, oboe, bassoon, accordion and trumpet certainly give the tunes an authentic feel and as a consequence, the respect they deserve. A winner all the way!