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Jim Schofield of Buzz

reviews The Long Road by Mick Ryan & Pete Harris

This is the fifth album from Mick Ryan and Pete Harris and includes original compositions from Mick - songs from his shows - and some traditional songs arranged by Pete.  As I had not come across any of their previous recordings, I was not sure what I would make of it!

There was no mistaking the great singing of Mick Ryan and fine accompaniment from Pete Harris.  All the songs on this album have a traditional feel and sound to them.  Mick Ryan has the ability to write songs which sound traditional - so much so, that I was thinking where had I last heard the chorus?

I particularly liked some of Pete Harris’s arrangements of the traditional songs such as The Black Horse and Time to Remember the Poor.   Pete plays most of the instruments on the record including guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, mandola, fretless base, banjo and whistles and overall sound is first class.

I have enjoyed listening to this album immensely; the quality of Mick Ryan’s singing and songwriting shine through, with some fine playing from Pete Harris backing this up.  My favourite tracks are Song For John and The Wrong Side Of The World.