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Carly Rose of Shreds and Patches

reviews Prevailing Winds by Tom & Barbara Brown

‘This is a delightful album, which neatly gives the lie to the theory that all folk songs have to be miserable. Tom and Barbara have chosen a well balanced selection from across the genre - from light hearted to serious, traditional to contemporary and all of them superbly well crafted. There is also a full supporting cast of singers and musicians - including Charley Yarwoods glorious bass, a cameo performance from
Melanie Barber on foot percussion and the ubiquitous Ralph Jordan whose multi-instrumental talents seem to be in great demand these days.  Im very conscious that I tend to warm to female performers with voices in the lower register - (probably because it makes it easier for me to join in the choruses!) and Barbaras is certainly a case in point.  The closing number is Pleasant and Delightful (which some will know as The Larks they sang Melodious/Melodeons - delete as required). Half way through the first chorus I suddenly discovered I was singing along at the top of my voice - which says it all, I feel.  Her rendition of The Farmer and his Wife has also inspired me to add it to my repertoire - and the sleeve note about the male of our species having a long-standing problem with multi-tasking really hits the spot as well! For me, this album captures the essence of a really good night in a Folk Club, with nothing pretentious or gimmicky about it - and what a refreshing change that is.’