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Martin Stimson of Buzz

reviews Prevailing Winds by Tom & Barbara Brown

Tom and Barbara have produced this super CD, mainly of songs from the West Country. I like regional collections and this one is very well done. Dont get the impression that this is a themed collection - the fifteen songs are so varied that they cover many aspects of life, both contemporary and historical, and the CD has copious sleeve notes to keep you informed.
Other musicians and singers help on the record, but everything is subtly and beautifully done with Tom and Barbaras harmonies really shining through ? they really nail the harmonies! The instrumentation is also tasteful.
The CD opens with Coming in Song, Barry Temples welcoming song, and progresses with the jaunty A Cottage Well Thatched. The Farmer and His Wife tells the tale of marital competition in the work department, with the wife winning hands down! From there on we have a hunting song, some serious material like The Young Girl Cut Down ... and Bitter Withy. Also, humorous songs like Soap, Starch and Candles, and a really good Barbers shop version of Down in the Diving Bell.
Nautical and country songs, serious and humorous, this excellent collection is brought to a close by Pleasant and Delightful - which it is!