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Chris Beaumont of FolkWrite

reviews Deviation by Random

Random arc a six?strong English ceilidh band with a big sound: two melodeons out front, drum kit. bass
guitar and bass trombone behind plus electric guitar, mandolin, harmonica recorder ; Various
percussion. This is straight ahead English dance music, With strong rythm and some cracking tunes by the likes of Chris Taylor, Andrew Rankine  Nigel Chippendale, Terry Mann mid the prolific trad.
Box?player Saul Rose (ex Watcrson:Carthy) contributes one of his own and even Bert Kaempfert ; gets a
look in. Any ceilidh?goer will recognise many of them.

The solid rhythm section allows the melodeons to do some quirky things to the melody now and again
a bit of syncopation keeps the dancers on their toes! For listening purposes on the CD and at dances to
why not?  Id have preferred a bit more variation  in the sound more contrast to the full band going for
it. The hidden bonus track of a solo melodeon waltz comes as a pleasant Surprise But if you like your
ceilidh music high?powered and rocking this Will do nicely