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Martin Stimson of Buzz

reviews Deviation by Random

I have always thought that most ceilidh bands, whilst performing good exciting music live, rarely manage the transition to the studio. The music can tend to be sterilised by studio discipline.
Random is an exception. Their music still has that drive and excitement that makes the band good to dance to and listen to.
For a few minutes I thought I was listening to Shake A Leg, a band that I play with; I hope that Random dont mind the comparison. They have the same driving percussion, bass trombone and general gutsy feeling.
There are twelve tracks, almost all of them being well?put?together medleys. There are one or two familiar tunes and others not so well?known. Im not going to list the tune titles as there are perhaps twenty?five numbers, but suffice it to say that there is a lot of drama, varying tempos and really good arrangements, with the whole thing adding up a to a fun package. The band has thoughtfully given details of the sources of all their tunes, although not the reason for the album title.
One complaint. When I play the CD in my van it makes me drive too fast!