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Mike Greenwood of Taplas

reviews Flat Earth by Patterson Jordan Dipper

QUALITY Assurance is the phrase that immediately springs to mind, when confronted with a new CD from the likes of the Fraser Sisters, Tanteeka or Wood/Cutting, and this new trio, an extension of that same fraternity, offers that same guarantee of a well?crafted product.

Multi?instrumentalist Ralph Jordans pedigree is impeccable and, with fiddler/English concertina player John Dipper of that concertina?crafting family, hes teamed up with singer/guitarist James Patterson to create as dramatically arranged a set of English folksongs as you could wish to hear. Pattersons unaffected, naturally?phrased vocal is a joy and nestles comfortably into a string of highly original instrumental accompaniments of songs ?largely traditional, with a sprinkling of Mike Waterson, Ewan McColl and Flanders & Swan.

Jordans love of modal invention and Scandinavian rhythmic intricacies is let loose on Bedlam/Annas Brudvals, while the dark, brooding Captains Apprentice ? surely A Sailors Life of the new millennium ? contrasts with the bright, spiky concertina/fiddle/mandolin arrangement on William Taylor.

This debut album states irrevocably that PJD are on their way up.