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Pete Fyfe of On Line Mag

reviews Flat Earth by Patterson Jordan Dipper

The Engish tradition is growing in status once again and with this fine trio at the forefront we have a lot to look forward to. From the opening bars of Rounding The Horn featuring James Pattersons rich (sorry about the cliché) vocals and full bodied accompaniment from Ralph Jordan and John Dipper you can just tell this album is going to be a cracker. A jaunty version of The Game Of All Fours follows and the modal key change of Adam The Poacher will prove challenging for the more musically inclined. If you remember The Manchester Rambler by a certain quartet of the 60s/70s put aside your prejudices for here is a glorious version courtesy of John Tams and I have to say Im totally won over. PJD have obviously spent hours in working out their arrangements and it shows as there isnt a whiff of… Lets make life easy for ourselves. I must admit to a preference for the more traditional material such as One Night As I Lay On My Bed with its combination tones of duet and English Concertina playing counter melodies and the nice touch of a caper (surely theres a Morrisman just waiting to break out?) at the end of the song. Another song that took me (pleasantly) by surprise was the subtle arrangement of Hares On The Mountain by Chris Wood - and there was I expecting the Steeleye Span version. As I said before, there was a time when the likes of Bandoggs, Crows, Kitsyke Will and the House Band were kings of the hill and theres no reason why PJD couldnt recapture some of that magic again. If like me youve been brought up on a diet of all things Celtic why not for a change experience a slice of our OWN culture. Who knows, you may even enjoy it.