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Mike Harding of Mike Harding Show

reviews Flat Earth by Patterson Jordan Dipper

A new absolutely fantastic English traditional album by Patterson Jordan Dipper.

A new band called Patterson Jordan and Dipper came to my attention this week.
I know some of the individual members of the band, but I’ve not heard anything by the band before.  They’ve got a new album just out called ‘Flat Earth’ and its one of the best new English music albums I have heard for a long, long time!

James Patterson Ralph Jordan and John Dipper are not new musicians to the scene by any account, they’ve been around for a while, but they all got together as a band at Whitby festival a couple of years ago and the result I think is absolutely brilliant!

This is an album of English music, mostly traditional, beautifully played and sung, and well worth taking a good long look at.

Amongst the songs are excellent versions of William Taylor and Rounding the Horn

And one I really like is the Flanders and Swann song, Slow Train, which I’ll try and play for you in a couple of weeks, but have a listen to this, from the album Flat Earth, this is Patterson Jordan Dipper and it’s a very idiosyncratic version of The Manchester Rambler, a combination of the Ewan McColl song and extra words which are pertinent today, which have been added by John Tams

That was The Manchester Rambler by Patterson Jordan Dipper and its from their album Flat Earth.  I particularly like the way they have juxtapose the Ewan McColl version there with new words by John Tams.  I’ll play another track from that album before the end of the program.

Now, as I promised earlier here’s another song from the new album by Paterson Jordan and Dipper, the Album is called Flat Earth and from it this is an absolutely brilliant version of Rounding the Horn.

That was Rounding the Horn there, given an entirely different and update version from Patterson Jordan and Dipper off their new album Flat Earth.  Well I’m sure we are going to be playing lots more tracks from that album in the weeks to come