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SB of Folk on Tap

reviews The Heart Gallery by Hen Party

Hen Party is well known in the FoT area. They are Heather Bradford, Sarah Morgan and Alison Muir and all have folk pedigrees going back some years. They sing acappella and draw their material from traditional and modern songs, songs from a womans point of view, a dash of music hall and a soupcon of humour. `Chocolate Song and `How Do I Look, sung by a female trio need no explanation. `Love is the Sweetest Thing is the one you think it is and William Taylor keeps us in the folk category. Their interpretation of Rick Kemps song `Somewhere, Along the Road does them credit and the album ends with Richard Thompsons wistful Waltzings for Dreamers. Most of the songs feature in the Hen Party show. They are a varied and tuneful set and a good listen.