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Des Redwood of Des Redwood

reviews Another Round by Roy Clinging & Neil Brookes

Writing a review for Roy and Neils latest CD has been a pleasure for me,
since listening to them at clubs and festivals I have come to enjoy not only
the quality of their fine musicianship but also the knowledge that they
impart about each of the songs or tunes they perform. Buy the CD and you
will recognise many of the songs or tunes. Particular favourites for me are
the Cheshire May Song (sounds just like Mobberley May Song, also sung by
Roy!) and Cheshire Rounds. They follow on nicely from Roy and Neils
previous CD, Cheshire Born, which has pride of place in my collection,
alongside Roys Cheshire Folk songs book, published last year. Roy has a
fine, rich voice and is ably accompanied by Neils superb fiddle

The CD is well balanced and flows nicely from song to tune to song. It makes
time move along nicely, keeping me singing along. Chorus songs such as
Sights of London: Shropshire Lass are most welcome. The final track is ideal
for Roy. Its Mr Stormalong and fits his voice so well. 14 tracks with so
many to enjoy, including Lovely Nancy, River Days and Rugged Sailor: Andrew

I recommend it without hesitation. If you are hooked by Roy and Neil then
you will not be disappointed. Buy it, play it, close your eyes and savour
it. You will not get better!.