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Vic Smith of Sussex Folk News

reviews Return Journey by Dave Arthur with Pete Cooper & Chris Moreton

Dave finds himself in the very congenial company of fiddler Pete Cooper and guitarist Chris Moreton. In interview, he has stated what great fun it was to make this album and the resultant sound is very much of musicians sounding as though they are having a really good time. But there is much more the album than this. There are some very carefully worked out links between English and American versions of traditional songs and dance tunes.
He sets out his stall in the opening track where his melodeon can heard on the morris tune, Shepherds Hey before he swaps to banjo to offer Molly Hare. The album is full of fine contrasts; we get the soulful
interpretation of Little Margaret before he immediately raises the mood with the spirited Rattle On The Stovepipe. This is a very fine album from a man with an encyclopaedic knowledge of traditional music.