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ROY HARRIS of Taplas

reviews Tide of Change by Tom & Barbara Brown

Mr and Mrs Brown are true defenders of the faith when it comes to folk music. They love it, and they work hard for it. They tour the country, but also host local sessions, revitalize moribund traditions on their home patch, encourage fledgling musicians, and they make admirable albums such as this one.

Eric Bogles Sound of Singing opens, and its an appropriate choice as the Browns love of singing shines out.  Barbara hits all the spots with her Barbara Allen.  Tom brings out the gently bawdy humour in Cluster of Nuts, and plays excellent guitar backing.  To my delight they sing the Song of the Flail, a fine text along with Barbaras own melody, and a lively Bridgewater Fair, grand songs both. Strong and honest singing from two of the best. A quality album throughout.