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Paul Homer of Whats on in Kent

reviews Changeling by Crucible

Probably the last review from me for Whats On Folks but what a treat this CD is to end on! A band of four musicians who I have never had the good fortune to come across. Playing mainly English traditional music, different combinations of their wealth of instrumental talent together with wonderful vocal harmonies make the listener ask can the next track be as good as the last? The answer is yes! Listeners interested in traditional music will be familiar with a number of the songs and tunes. Bold Poachers and Poor Mans Labours are two of these are given fine treatment. Members of the group also wrote the title track. The Changelings Lullaby, sad but none the less interesting thoughts about the mythology surrounding the birth of so called sub-normal babies. The CD ends with the resounding chants of an American Shape Note hymn Evening Hymn. Although recorded in a studio, there is no evidence of any electronic wizardry in the production of this superb album. I am pretty sure that what you get here is what you will get at a live performance. They credit Sheffield as their musical nucleus and even mention no less than three of my favourite pubs that they play and drink in. Sheffield is a really knife place for real-ale, trams and it seems, traditional music. I advise you to fork out and purchase this CD!