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Peter Fairbairn of Living Tradition

reviews Well Seasoned by Keith Kendrick

I’m a fan. I’ll start off by declaring interests. I’m a fan of Keith Kendrick and have been since the first time I heard his recordings.  Much as I have enjoyed his recordings on CD and Cassette I have never actually seen him.  I have almost seen him twice but….maybe this year I’ll be in the right place on the right date with the right ticket.  This latest album, ‘ Well Seasoned’,  proves once again how good Keith Kendrick is as a musician and a singer.

The voice and songs go so well together.  The songs are robust and celebratory – songs to be heard and heard clearly.  From the tradition – The Moon Shines Bright, The Grey Cock, and Beautiful Dale; from the Copper Family  –  Whitsuntide Carol and The Ploughshare; John Tams’   Bring ‘Im On  and Graeme Miles’  The Scarecrow,  some of the songs with adaptations and added tunes and settings from Keith Kendrick himself.  On the subject of tunes,  the couple of dance sets fit in well with the concertina well to the fore.

The Album is not just a solo effort, the cast of thousands include:  Mick Ryan, Pete Harris, Lynne Heraud, Ralph Jordan, Sue Evans, and Johnny Collins, who all add to the melee making this a social occasion.  Now, let’s look up those festival guides.  Keith Kendrick. Where’s he playing this year?