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Mike Greenwood of Taplas

reviews Well Seasoned by Keith Kendrick

YET another defining statement in Doug Baileys regular exposure of the living English tradition within his Wild Goose catalogue, Well Seasoned represents a fulfilled ambition for Derbyshires Keith Kendrick. The deservedly popular, hard?working folk club favourite offers an engaging compilation of largely traditional songs and tunes that bear the listener through a cycle of the cultural calendar.
Keiths own song accompaniment, on both anglo and English concertinas, is faultless ? never challenging the vocal for supremacy, but swelling to lift the song between lines. But his instrumental mastery is best exemplified on Scan Testers Nutley Waltz the pick from the confident instrumental medleys that punctuate the seasonal narrative.
And his vocal ? strong and hearty in itself ? enjoys occasional backing from a stalwart chorus that includes the likes of Mick Ryan, Pete Harris and Johnny Collins, while musicians of the calibre of Paul Sartin, Keith Holloway and the indefatigable Ralph Jordan spice up the orchestral arrangements.