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CWR of Folk News Kernow

reviews Well Seasoned by Keith Kendrick

From Derbyshire, Keiths fine strong voice has been heard since the late 60s; over the years since then hes always been on the folk scene, in many groups and pairings. On these two cds Keith revels in the English traditional songs he loves. He plays guitar and concertina and surrounds himself with some great singers and musicians. The later of these recordings finds Keith working through the year with a refreshing selection of unhackneyed pieces, some put to his own tunes. It ends with the grand Hark Hark What News from Dungworth near Sheffield. The Home Ground cd sees Keith cherry?picking some of the very best traditional songs around and giving them in unusual versions, or with his own tunes. The two cds showcase a remarkable talent and will certainly extend your repertoire of songs. As he himself says Dont just play `em on the cd player; go out and sing `em.