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LDP of Dirty Linen

reviews Well Seasoned by Keith Kendrick

Concertina lovers rejoice. Keith Kendrick has issued a well?seasoned batch of tunes that mark the passing of days in this collection, appropriately titled Well Seasoned. Kendrick plays both Anglo and English concertina. His is a hearty voice that supplies the main vocals. Its a powerful, expressive instrument, whether backed with an array of acoustic instruments or unadorned. Material includes wellchosen traditional English folk tunes, plus a few originals, marking various seasons from spring to midsummer and finally to Christmas. There are a lot of really interesting tunes, but standouts include the boisterous carol ‘Nowell, Nowell’; The Scarecrow, an a cappella epic; and the lively instrumental set of ‘The Nutley Waltz’ and ‘Dougs Maggot’.

Well worth finding.