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Alan Wood of Tykes news

reviews Well Seasoned by Keith Kendrick

Songs and tunes which reflect the turning of the seasons and the passing of the ritual calendar.

Keith Kendrick seems to be on a mission to encourage inclusion.  Hearty stuff this;  no messing about.
Take a good interesting chorus song, make sure the tune is right, give it a strong chordal pattern,
surround yourself with some of the best musicians and singers from the fringe and take no prisoners.

This CD is a collection of seasonal songs, mostly traditional, some hymns, some old favourites, and
some unfamiliar items that should be standards.  The message seems to be listen to this, and if you
like it, then have a go and sing it.  The lad could get on ‘Songs of Praise’  with this and did you ever really
believe all that rubbish about the Devil having all the best tunes?

Highlights are ‘The Derby Footrace’ set to Colin Cater’s tune, and ‘Bring ‘Im On’ by John Tams.  The
Copper Family are represented with ‘The Ploughshare’ and the ‘ Whitsuntide Carol’ – and ‘The Scarecrow’
by Graeme Miles is challenging.

I rated Keith’s collaboration with Lynne Heraud, ‘Stars In My Crown’ (WGS 303 CD) as one of my records
of 2003.  The Thematic approach to this collection does, however, create a boundary with the material
and I would look forward to a future recording with the same high standard of production, of songs from
a wider Kendrick repertoire.  The hymns are the hard ones for me but then Sunday School did me no good
at all.

Keith is a powerful singer and excellent concertina player and is certainly out of the top drawer.  It is good
to hear these new recordings.  There’s always plenty to learn and lift into the pillage bag from a Kendrick recording.
No harm in that surely.