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Bob Taberner of Thefolkmag

reviews Well Seasoned by Keith Kendrick

The first track on this CD is the Copper Family song The Ploughshare, also known as The Seasons Round. Its a good choice because the song, which takes the listener through the events of the farming year, sets the scene for a superb record that brings together songs from each season of the year. Keiths experience of nearly 40 years of singing folk songs is brought to bear on this project which had its origin in a collaboration with Jo Freya about five years ago. Hes helped out by an extensive collection of singers and musicians, some of whom also record on the Wild Goose label but most of them there because of the respect they have for Keith. And his own accompaniments on English and Anglo concertinas are both skilful and tasteful.
Theres a distinct Derbyshire flavour to the songs, with The Great Derby Footrace (a Roy Harris / Colin Cater collaboration) outstanding amongst the traditional items. Other Derbyshire elements are a John Tams song Bring Im On and a homage to the late Tufty Swift in the form of Gaspe Reel, a tune popularised by the much admired one-row melodeon player. Venturing over the border into South Yorkshire, Keith tackles a couple of items from the Sheffield carol repertoire. Beautiful Dale isnt a carol, but its sung in the carol sessions and Keith names the fine performances by Will Noble as his inspiration. Hark Hark What News? is though and Keith and friends evoke a Yorkshire bar-room packed with carollers in the lead-up to Christmas.
The rest of the tracks maintain the same high standard with a stunning song The Scarecrow from Graeme Miles and a further item from the Copper Family Whitsuntide Carol worthy of mention. Oh, and that name Kendrick keeps cropping up in the credits.
Well worth buying.