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Chris (Yorkie)Bartram of Shreds and Patches

reviews Something to Show by Mick Ryan & Pete Harris

The term folk song has been used to describe a very wide variety of songs and these various uses of the term all have their own agendas. Some talk of songs of the people; others songs of the past. There are songs to educate; some to preserve traditional stories; other inspire nostalgia or protest. They can be universal or intensely personal. Well, this CD just about covers the lot!
Here are some wonderful traditional songs (including Farewell, My Dearest Dear which is also on Steve Jordans CD reviewed elsewhere in this mag ? and will be on my own CD when I eventually complete it. I heard Annie Dearman sing it recently. Why has this song suddenly come into fashion again? Perhaps just because its a great song!) Theres also The Grey Hawk and Two Brethren plus quite a few of Micks own songs. (You can find the full tracklist at And heres that nice Paul Sartin again (This time on oboe. See the review of Steve Jordan.) ?plus Paul Burgess and Tim van Eyken. 14 tracks covering, as I said at the beginning, a lot of ground. Lively songs; sad songs; angry songs; thoughtful songs; scary songs. I just want to mention a couple of my own favourites. The opening track, The Ballad Seller is one of Mick Ryans most traditional?sounding compositions. Excellent. Another of his compositions, King Kaley, has one of the best openings I have
ever heard and develops into a classic horror story.
The singing is ? as we have come to expect from Mick Ryan ? utterly superb. The accompaniments and harmony vocals are as we have come to expect from Pete Harris totally splendid. The recording quality is ? as we have come to expect from Doug Bailey absolutely top?notch. What are you waiting for? Get it now!